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The Scout Association, established over 100 years ago, is one of the Australia’s largest Youth Organisations.  Its fundamental Aim, which is still as relevant today as when first outlined, is to encourage and promote the physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual development of young people so that they take a constructive place in society as responsible citizens in their local, national and international communities.

The Association achieves this Aim by progressive self-education programs, which focus on initiative, teamwork, cooperation, community service and spirit. The development of leadership skills is a significant part of the Scout program, which ultimately helps today’s youth become tomorrow’s leaders.

In Queensland, more than 10,000 young people aged between 6 and 26 years are actively involved in a wide range of Scouting activities - from the Scouting in Schools program through to Scouts of the Air for young people living on isolated properties in North-West Queensland.

Over 3,500 adults and uniform Leaders voluntarily give up a substantial amount of their spare time as part of their commitment to developing young people as they progress through the program to become the community Leaders of the future.  All adult members who apply as members of the Scout Movement undertake an extensive background history check and are required to hold a blue card issued by the Commission for Children and Young People and Child Guardian.

The Association believes in equal opportunities for all, no matter the social, economic, ethnic, religious or political background.

The Scout Association offers an image and set of perceptions including:
  • Wholesome and honest
  • Youth/children and their education and training
  • Outdoors/healthy lifestyle
  • Environmentally concerned group
  • Part of Australia’s history and heritage
  • Apolitical and independent
The Goals of the Association are:
  • To provide challenging and accredited programs to the Youth of Australia which are recognised and valued by the community and by Government.
  • To promote Scouting to the Community on the basis of the high quality and relevance of its methodology and programs.
  • To have an increasing male and female membership, which reflects the social and cultural mix of the community.
  • To carefully select and train adult members on the basis of standards, so that they are recognised and measurable.
  • To have the community recognise, support and value the role of Scouting and its activities.
  • To be recognised by the community as being responsible to community issues.
  • To be recognised and consulted as a major contributor to major establishing priorities and determining polices on community youth issues.
  • To have a high profile portraying equality, way of life
  • To acquire and maintain adequate human, physical and financial resources which are used to the best advantage of Scouting in the community.
  • To provide opportunities for its members to participate in International activities.

Some of the initiatives undertaken by Scouts Queensland include:
  • Code of Conduct
  • Personal Safety Program
  • Youth Action Program
  • Scouting in Schools
  • Work For The Dole
  • Scout ROM
  • Queensland Youth Alliance
  • Adult Training CD Rom
  • Youth Forums
  • Youth Conferences
  • Indigenous Scouting Project
  • Parents Guide Booklets
  • Scoutplan
  • Direct Billing
  • One State Bank
  • Adults in Scouting
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